Guess what?

Something very exciting is happening April 6… :D

Happy Feather’s Day



Brochure I did for No Other Impressions, a printing company, for their promotional marketing material. :D I did the design and layout, my husband did the inside illustrations. 

Fischaber Farms

T-shirt design I did for a friend’s family reunion. :D

Flyer Design

Flyer I did WootBoard, an educational app that helps teachers and students connect and learn together. 

Kingdom Hearts Meme

Getting excited for Kingdom Hearts 3. :D

Caricature Practice

Brother’s Birthday Gift

Drew this for my brother’s birthday. He’s an engineer, so I tried to include things that engineers like. :D


Brochure done in a Roy Lichtenstein style. :D

100 Character challenge


Still working on it. :D


Cartoon Versions of me and my husband. :D